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When you sign up, you also get the fabled “Alchemist’s Journal”. A collection of the top issues we released with extra, step-by-step applications – that I will personally review and provide personalized feedback on – for FREE.

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Why another newsletter? And a daily one?!

My goal is simple…

To make sure we stop mindlessly gulping down our IG or TikTok feeds, headed for a bottomless binge of content that doesn’t help us achieve our goals. 

What I write, is the stuff I wish I could have read when I started out. It’s also what I’m still learning about, every day when I sit behind my desk.

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What you can expect

Once a week you get:

  • Real-world analyses of how top SaaS and Ecommerce brands use copy and UX to convert
  •  Positioning case studies going deep into what makes a company stand out in the marketplace
  • My psychology and human behavior-based frameworks and tools for writing copy and designing user journeys
  • My road-tested audience and market research methods to understand how people think and what drives them to buy
  • Deep observations into our industry trends: where we’ve been, what’s working now, and where we’re headed
  • Lessons from ancient wisdom and philosophy that can make you a better thinker, entrepreneur, and creator
  • Actionable insights from the 2-3 books I read every month (you’ll love the weird ones from totally unrelated fields)
  • Sometimes, just funny stories (that still teach us something)
  • And more…
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Let’s make it a two-way street

(I hate high and mighty gurus)

When you sign up you also get “The Alchemist’s Journal: Thought-provoking, weird, yet magical ideas to increase your conversions.”

It’s a curated collection of the best emails I sent out (it used to be daily), so you can 1) see what the fuss is about and let go of some of that FOMO, and 2) start growing your business and increase conversions, today. 

And because ideas are worth s*&t without execution… in the “Alchemist’s Journal” you’ll get step-by-step exercises and applications, plus my direct feedback on them – for FREE.

Here’s a preview:

  • Chapter 1 – Conversion Rate Optimization: The art and science of squeezing the most out of what you have
  • Chapter 2 – Copywriting: How to get people to do stuff for you (and why words are not enough)
  • Chapter 3 – Buyer Psychology: Follow me into the rabbit hole and you’ll realize how deep it goes
  • Chapter 4 – Sales and Marketing: Uncomfortable truths every biz owner and (copywriter) should know
  • Chapter 5 – Decision Making:How irrationality guides your life and you don’t even know it
  • Chapter 6 – Life lessons & Reflections: Your next big breakthrough is right behind the corner
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You’ll get the link to download the ebook right away.

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Who am I?

Hi I’m Chris! I’m The Conversion Alchemist and I write about what I learn on the job and from life, when it comes to habits, decision making, psychology and mindset. Especially applied to my client’s SaaS and Ecommerce businesses.