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Fix 90% of your Ecommerce store's conversion issues, without any of the guesswork

Convert more visitors into excited and returning buyers on your store, without hiring a CRO agency or wasting dozen of hours Googling for answers.

  • 🕵️‍♀️ Uncover the hidden reasons behind your website visitors’ resistance to click ‘Buy’ 
  • 💬 Get a behind-the-scenes look at how users engage with your site, and eavesdrop on their inner thoughts 
  • ⚡️ Harness the skills of seasoned CRO pros and think like one of them in just weeks
  • 🛠️ Effortlessly identify and fix what’s broken in your copy/UX, turning your site into a well-oiled machine 
  • 🧠 Peek into your customers’ minds, mirror their exact needs, and attract more loyal buyers 
  • 🌟 Sleep easy, knowing your website is working tirelessly as your round-the-clock sales person 

Instant download. 100% money back guarantee.

What's inside the book?

On Demand Conversions is a 4-week program that can take you from complete newbie, to pinpointing what’s not working on your website and how to fix it – fast. Each week you’ll learn the foundations behind the methodology and you’ll get the exact action steps to put everything into practice.

And you don’t even have to go through it all (it’s 360+ pages). Just pick your goal and you’ll get a fast track to achieve it.

Here’s everything you’ll find inside:

You could start increasing conversions today

Instant download. 100% money back guarantee.

Do you know what's happening, right now, on your store?

Chances are, you’re blind to it.

And you keep wondering why you’re not converting at that 3-4% all industry experts tell you you should.

After all, your business buddies are kicking ass and taking names. Showing off their insane monthly revenue in yet another self-aggrandizing forum post.

You're not alone...

If you feel like your website is like a bottomless pit where visitors go to die (aka never turn into customers), you have two options:

  1. Figure it out on your own, typically guessing your way to it or wasting hours or days on blogs, forums, or listening to podcasts
  2. Hire a Conversion Rate Optimization agency or consultant to figure that out for you – and pay them a gazillion 💸

Glad you’re here, because I have a third option for you that almost no business owner knows about…

When I saw first-hand how effective these strategies were for my clients, I thought...

What if I could come up with a system, a step-by step approach to conversion rate optimization, that any business owner could follow – on their own – to boost conversions?

And when I say “boost”, I don’t mean 10x ‘ing conversions.

There can be degrees and layers to CRO.

What if founders could use this system to fix even just 70% or 80% of their copy and UX issues?

An 80/20 way for them to increase conversions, faster and waaaay cheaper.

They could get to a much better place with their business. One where the added revenue from the improvements could pay for the final touches with an agency or consultant like myself.

Higher, faster ROI for you, less hand-holding and more focus for me.


So, I set out on a mission to build this system.

I called it “On Demand Conversions“.

With it, you can learn how to:

  • Collect the research you need to make data-backed decisions and avoid guesswork
  • Plan your research and action steps so you can get conversion increases in weeks, not months
  • Actually run the research step by step – guided by a conversion copywriter and operator
  • Delegate all or part of it, so you can just sit and watch conversions increase
  • Implement the insights and become your own in-house CRO expert (or teach your team) 

All of it, in one month and for 1/10th of what you’d spend on an agency or consultant.

This, and more, is what you’ll learn in “”On Demand Conversions” ebook. 

Through a step-by-step, week after week approach you can literally install in your business, automate and delegate. To go from being stuck and confused, to breaking the 6-figure plateau and unlocking the 7 and 8-figure milestones you’ve been looking up to. 

Too good to be true?

No, it’s just a smarter and more efficient way of doing it.

Using CRO methodologies that the pros take advantage of, day-in and day-out, but don’t teach their clients.

Well, I’m gonna teach you.

Starting now.

These “top secret” methodologies are:

That’s it.


BUT… and it’s a big but, the way I’ll teach you how to use them is the secret sauce.

Because I won’t only give you the step-by-step process, but the stripped-down version of it. One that’s specifically designed for busy entrepreneurs and business owners like you. 

I took the last 6 months to rip it apart and trim it to the core essentials you need to learn, to understand how your visitors think and use your Ecommerce website. And to increase conversions in just 30 minutes per day. 

Here’s how the typical agency approach compares to the On Demand Conversions model:

How can you get good results with such a streamlined process?

Let’s look at why I deliberately picked these tools… 

Zen a​​​​​​​nd the art of Ecommerce conversion optimization

Want to know why so-called experts are so much better than you at spotting gaps and conversion leaks in your business?

It’s not their skills

It’s not the tools they use.

Nor the years of expertise.

If it were any of these you could still catch up.


It’s because they are able to approach your project with an “empty mind”. They can look at your situation from a blank slate perspective.

Which is what you can’t learn.

As a business owner you’re immersed in your machine, 24/7. Getting that outside perspective doesn’t come automatically, much less on-demand.

Or does it?

“On Demand Conversions” is your antidote to this curse of knowledge.

The methodologies and the approach I’ll teach you, will give you the clarity you need to see your website and business objectively.

And, most importantly, from your customers’ point of view.

This is why experts can be so valuable to business owners like you (when they know their stuff).

It’s first, their outside, unbiased perspective – combined with their skills.

In this ebook I’ll give you both, here’s how:

  • Step inside your visitors’ shoes with usability testing: learn how to get recorded videos of real users going through the buying experience on your site and commenting on their thoughts out loud. Understand exactly what is not working and why – in less than a couple hours.  
  • Understand patterns and trends with user interaction data: the tools we’ll set up together will show you where visitors click, how they move through the site, how far they scroll each page, where they stumble, where they rage-click and way more. Confirm your assumptions and de-risk your optimization work from the get-go.
  • Improve your copy, UX and offer with website surveys:  collect data from real website visitors in your target audience. Learn more about who they are, what they’re looking for and how to address it on the page.
  • Demystify and simplify Google Analytics: we’ll shine a light on how to use your Google Analytics platform efficiently. So you know what data to look at, why, and how to use it practically to make sure you’re setting the right targets and don’t waste any resources.

These are some of the same strategies I use with my clients to get them these results:

Again, here’s everything you’ll learn:

Instant download. 100% money back guarantee.

Ok, so where's the catch?

There’s no catch really.

Only one disclaimer…

On Demand Conversions works and it can give you results as fast as you can implement it. You could start seeing conversion increases after the first week, if you can narrow down your main bottlenecks (and I’ll teach you how inside the book).

But implementing it takes work.

I’m not promising you it will be automatic or effortless (at least not the first time around, but wait till you delegate it).

After all, anything worth learning comes at a price.

Reason why I made this $5 and not free. 

This small price is my initial test to see if you’re committed to 1) changing your mindset around CRO forever, and 2) putting in the work required to get results.

Double your ecommerce conversions in 1 month and pave the way to 7 and 8-figure for your Ecommerce business

  • Find out why your website visitors are not buying on your store
  • See exactly how users interact with your site, and even hear their thoughts
  • Master the years of experience of seasoned CRO pros in a couple of weeks
  • Pinpoint exactly what’s working and what isn’t in your copy/UX – and fix it 
  • Understand your customers better than they know themselves, so you can get more of them
  • Have the confidence of knowing your website is doing its job of selling 24/7 for you

Instant download. 100% money back guarantee.

Hi, my name is Chris.

I’m the founder and chief conversion copywriter at Conversion Alchemy. People (only the true nerds) call me The Conversion Alchemist.

Over the past 7 years I’ve been helping 6, 7 and 8-figure Ecommerce businesses convert more of their website visitors into excited and repeated customers. I combine copywriting, UX design and digital psychology, to uncover what makes people tick. So we can nudge them towards taking out their credit card. 


  • On Demand Conversions is a 4-week, step by step program you can use to learn everything you need about how your website visitors are using your website and why they are not converting. It’s a 360+ pages ebook (with fast tracks to shortcut it if needed) that you could use to repeatedly boost conversions on your own, anytime you need it.
  • The system is specifically designed for Ecommerce founders who want to get more out of their website and business, but are stuck at a plateau. From my experience working with these businesses, that typically happens when they reach 6-figures or close. They built their lifestyle business on their own, stitching up their website as best as they could, but what got them here, can’t get them there. 


  • Over the course of 4 weeks (max), you’ll learn about the 80/20 foundations of Conversion Rate Optimization that you can use to boost sales. It all comes down to being able to collect the right data at the right time, and using it to make informed decisions. You will get step-by-step instructions on how to set up the tools you need, and action steps to uncover the insights you were looking for. If all this sounds like a lot of work, don’t fret. You’ll also learn how to completely delegate and automate this system, so you can work on the business, not in it.


  • People don’t value what’s free. And since going through this program will require some work on your part, I want you to be committed. A the same time I want as many Ecommerce business owners to learn this stuff because I saw first hand how helpful it can be to grow your business. Hence why it’s only $5, but packed with information that’s worth $5k+.  And in all transparency, this is also an excellent way for me to spread the word about my brand and to collect excited testimonials. The more value you get at such a low price, the better for both of us. 🥳

Yes. No tricks.

The book will teach you everything you need to know to use the tools I walk you through. 

And when you start working on it you’ll realize the difference. It’s not only in the time saved, but in the budget required.

Which won’t be remotely close to that of a full custom CRO project or retainer with an agency. 

Let’s put it in perspective, shall we?

Here’s what working with me and Conversion Alchemy could look like for you:

  • Research: $5,000 – $8,000
  • Copywriting & wireframing: $6,000+
  • Design: $3,000 – $8,000
  • Development: $$2,000 – $10,000

Total: 16,000 to $45,000

You can see how it goes up pretty fast…

Now, to get results (what your business needs at this stage and nothing more) here’s what implementing On Demand Conversions might look like:

  • On Demand Conversions ebook: $5 one time
  • Running usability testing: $300 one time
  • User interaction tool subscription: $30-$100/ mo
  • Analytics platform: free
  • Designer and developer: $10-$50 per hour

Total: $1,000 to $2,000 one time (including the book) + $100 /mo for tools

Add 4-weeks, 30 minutes a day of your time (or your team’s) to learn the system and set it up.

That’s it.

Still convinced you need to hire some guru consultant?

  • Yes, if after 30 days you think this is not for you, I’ll give you your money back. And the book is still yours to keep.


  • Christopher Silvestri the founder and conversion copywriter at Conversion Alchemy. Where he’s been helping 6, 7, and 8-figure Ecommerce businesses in all niches and industries convert more of their website visitors into customers.


  • I literally poured every single bit of information I have about CRO, Ecommerce, copywriting and UX into the ebook. But if you still need additional and more hands-on help you’ll be able to upgrade your order during checkout.


  • You’re getting a 360+ page ebook that takes you step-by-step through a system I developed for Ecommerce business owners specifically. It will teach you how to know your customers, how they use your site and where they stumble, so you can fix it. And you’ll be able, in 4 weeks or less, to increase conversions consistently and repeatedly, on-demand.


Free webinars are fluffy and barely scratch the surface. And the $497 courses you get sold on afterwards, still typically require a ton of work. You don’t have that time, nor energy. Hiring an agency or consultant might be out of the question for now. But hey, if you have $30k+ laying around feel free to get in touch. What about free resources then? I’m pretty sure you’ve wasted your fair share of hours on blogs, in Slack communities and forums trying to figure it out on your own. As for most other products, they can teach you the theory, and are tailored to CRO pros, not to in the trenches founders like you. You don’t care to learn ALL of it. You just want to learn the 80/20 that can open up the floodgates to higher conversion. This is what the Ecommerce CRO Operating System is designed to do.

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