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Home » Amar Ghose on Building ZenMaid: Messaging for Niche SaaS, Simplifying B2B, and Cultivating Passion in Business (TMMF #001)

Amar Ghose on Building ZenMaid: Messaging for Niche SaaS, Simplifying B2B, and Cultivating Passion in Business (TMMF #001)

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“Build sexy software for boring niches. It’s the best of both worlds.”

— Amar Ghose

Amar Ghose, founder of ZenMaid, joins us to share his journey from starting a maid service to creating a niche B2B software in an industry not typically associated with high-tech solutions. His philosophy of targeting specific, ‘boring’ niches with sophisticated software solutions has driven the success of ZenMaid since its inception in 2013.

A Silicon Valley native, Amar discusses his transition from sales to entrepreneurship, the nuances of building a business in a specialized niche, and the importance of focusing on solving problems rather than being driven solely by passion for the industry. His approach of “cultivating passion” over time is a fresh perspective on how to find fulfillment in business.

Please enjoy this insightful conversation with Amar Ghose!

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  • 02:39 Amar’s Journey into B2B and Niche Selection
  • 03:20 The Birth of ZenMaid
  • 04:51 Understanding the ZenMaid Customer
  • 05:52 The Role of Passion in Business
  • 06:55 The ZenMaid Service Explained
  • 08:36 The Evolution of ZenMaid
  • 13:28 Understanding the ZenMaid Ideal Customer Profile
  • 17:36 Overcoming Investment Barriers
  • 19:42 The Competitive Landscape
  • 20:22 The Importance of Updating Copy and Messaging
  • 21:46 The Importance of A/B Testing and Updating Messaging
  • 22:15 Reconsidering Positioning and Adapting to Market Changes
  • 23:23 The Value of Customer Engagement and Research
  • 24:12 Staying Connected with Customers through Social Media
  • 26:12 The Human Aspect of Business and Customer Relationships
  • 29:02 The Role of Team Members in Messaging and Alignment
  • 33:09 The Dual Identity of a Media and Product Company
  • 36:11 The Importance of Learning and Personal Growth
  • 38:53 The Dream of Owning a Football Club
  • 39:57 Final Thoughts and Contact Information


  • “They’re running a maid service because they want freedom just the same way that I do, but their freedom may look different than my freedom.”
  • “It brings me so much joy when we’re able to remove friction from maid service owners’ lives.”
  • “Build sexy software for boring niches. It’s the best of both worlds.”
  • “I think it’s really kind of magical when you get the systems in place so things happen without you having to do anything anymore.”
  • “I’ve always been passionate about kind of like the building of the business.”
  • “We essentially wanted to talk to people and see if we could identify a problem that we could solve for them with software.”
  • “Our company’s slogan or why we exist is to make maid services successful because we also put out a bunch of educational content.”
  • “You’re running a maid service not because you’re passionate about cleaning, but because you’re passionate about building a system with processes, helping people, fixing problems.”
  • “Our goal with the company is always that the company should be able to run entirely without me, but should also be set up so that I can come in anywhere that I want to.”

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