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Home » Kasia Bargielowski-Foster — Navigating the World of B2B SaaS Marketing, From Music Blogs to the Intricate Dynamics of Product Marketing (TMMF #002)

Kasia Bargielowski-Foster — Navigating the World of B2B SaaS Marketing, From Music Blogs to the Intricate Dynamics of Product Marketing (TMMF #002)

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“Sometimes you need to look beyond your day-to-day and ask: Is what I’m creating really resonating with my audience?”

— Kasia Bargielowski-Foster

Kasia Bargielowski-Foster, an experienced Product Marketing Manager at Capsule, joins us to share her insights and journey in the world of B2B SaaS marketing. With a rich background that spans from running a successful music blog to leading roles in digital and content marketing, Kasia brings a unique perspective on understanding customer needs and crafting effective messaging.

In this episode, Kasia delves into the importance of aligning content with customer interests, the transition from content to digital marketing, and the pivotal role of product marketing in shaping business strategies. She also discusses the challenges of aligning messaging across various departments and offers advice to those aspiring to excel in SaaS product marketing.

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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  • 00:00 Introduction to the Journey of a Content Executive
  • 00:47 Welcome to the Message Market Bit Podcast
  • 01:33 Guest Introduction: Kasia Bergilowski Foster
  • 02:33 Kasia’s Journey into B2B SaaS
  • 02:49 The Impact of Running a Music Blog
  • 03:50 Transition from Content Creation to Strategic Marketing
  • 05:57 The Importance of Understanding Your Audience
  • 08:12 Career Evolution: Content Executive to Digital Marketing Lead
  • 08:28 The Role of Product Marketing Manager
  • 14:48 Challenges of Aligning Content, Product, and Sales
  • 20:18 Joining Capsule as a Product Marketing Manager
  • 20:27 The Importance of Understanding Your Customers
  • 27:49 Revalidating Personas and ICP
  • 37:28 Advice for Aspiring B2B SaaS Product Marketers
  • 41:42 Conclusion and Contact Information


  • “But as you become more confident in your role, and as you start to think beyond your day to day, you start to think, like, ‘Okay, I’m writing these blogs, but are these blogs actually going to resonate? Are they going to lead to anything for the business?'”
  • “It’s what I’m talking about even resonating with my audience. And that’s when you start to get into the whole realm of, I need to understand more about who our personas are. I need to understand more about what the value is of our product.”
  • “The reason I got into SaaS, I think, was quite simple. I just thought that SaaS was a thing that was really taking off at the time… I have like a techie geeky side to me, but also I have the creative, the marketing side to me.”
  • “When you have an online presence, the one thing that you’re so focused on is getting the audience to come back, keeping them engaged, making them want more… you kind of have to understand what your audience wants from you.”
  • “It’s a small simple thing, but having that audience-focused approach and that what in B2B is customer-centric approach is kind of what I was exposed to at that initial stage.”
  • “You have to, I think, try and get in on as many, you kind of have to hear that for yourself, that voice of the customer as much as you can… Listening to sales calls, reading support queries that come through, anything that you can piece together that’s giving you as much information as you can get about the customer.”

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