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Home » Eliana Daboul — Bridging Cultures and Industries: From Madison Avenue’s Ad World to Leading B2B Tech Innovation (TMMF #004)

Eliana Daboul — Bridging Cultures and Industries: From Madison Avenue’s Ad World to Leading B2B Tech Innovation (TMMF #004)

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“you need to understand the psychology of humans before you can talk to them”

— Eliana Daboul

In this episode, we’re diving into a journey that crosses continents, cultures, and industries with our guest, Eliana Daboul, a marketing maven whose career has spanned from the glossy avenues of advertising in the Middle East and New York to the cutting-edge forefront of B2B tech startups.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to transition from the world of luxury hotel brands and Italian foods to pioneering digital identity solutions in the tech space? Or how lessons from crafting compelling ad campaigns can transform the way we approach B2B marketing in the SaaS industry? Eliana opens up about the skills and insights she gained from her advertising days and how they’ve become invaluable assets in her tech ventures.

But this episode isn’t just about transitions; it’s a deep dive into the art and science of understanding human psychology to influence and engage. Eliana shares her perspective on why being a marketer is akin to being a bit of a psychologist, especially when navigating the complex web of B2B relationships and sales cycles.

So, if you’re curious about how storytelling, creativity, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior can revolutionize B2B marketing, you’re in the right place. Join us as Eliana shares how to blend the best of advertising’s creative flair with the strategic focus required for success in the tech world. Whether you’re a marketer, a business leader, or just fascinated by the power of effective communication, this episode could change the way you think about marketing and innovation.

Please enjoy this insightful conversation with Eliana!

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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  • 00:58 Eliana’s Journey from Advertising to Tech
  • 02:35 Insights from the Advertising World
  • 06:18 Transition to B2B Marketing and SaaS
  • 11:06 Understanding Share ID’s Solution
  • 14:14 Marketing Strategies and Challenges in B2B SaaS
  • 19:43 Expanding Share ID to Different Markets
  • 21:47 Challenges of Selling in the US Market
  • 22:24 The Unique Approach of Share ID
  • 23:13 Behind the Scenes: Recording Interruption
  • 23:24 The Advantage of Share ID’s Verification Process
  • 25:23 Balancing User Research and Conversion Optimization
  • 25:53 The Role of Design in Messaging
  • 29:15 The Importance of LinkedIn in B2B Marketing
  • 35:04 The Challenge of Lead Generation
  • 35:59 Learning Resources for Marketing and Messaging
  • 38:24 Closing Remarks and Contact Information


  • “It also helped me with writing better emails… a boss who was a copywriter, really good copywriter and he really helped me write emails ’cause I was used to emails being straight to the point. You state what you want. That’s it. It’s done… US it doesn’t work that way. Yeah, it doesn’t work that way in the US You have to prep it. And that really helps me a lot in my writing as well.”
  • “So I, I really think just being a marketer, you have to be. A little bit of a psychologist as well. You’re trying to influence people and you need to understand people to be able to influence them. So it does, you need to understand the psychology of humans before you can talk to them.”
  • “Understanding the problems or the pain points for each buyer type, depending on their on their needs, also on their professional needs, but also as humans what trick, what what triggers us, what takes us, what makes us buy and B, selling to B2B to people in B2B is a lot more difficult than B2C.”
  • “And work with the, because what’s beautiful about advertising is that you work with different products. It’s not just focused on one. So you have to shift your mindset on understanding different things and different people because you work with those people that handle these products.”
  • “Whereas now I can run a campaign on the spot in a week, I can tell you this is performed better. We’re gonna stick with this one and continue with it.”
  • “We tend to, we have, as marketers in B2B, we’ve become more of we, we’ve become data obsessed… sometimes the data is great. You have to follow the data, but being obsessed about the data will not get people to buy.”
  • “Getting leads online is not the same anymore. It’s really tough. how do you stay relevant? How do you, I don’t know. How do you cut through all the noise?”
  • “We did it with practically zero budget… And I, and that was something that we had to build for this year to be successful and for the salespeople to be able to sell it because people know you.”

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