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Home » Andrew Capland — From Disney & Ad Agencies, to Hubspot and B2B SaaS: How to Leverage Voice Of Customer, Onboarding, Jobs To Be Done, Testing, and Mentoring Growth Teams (TMMF #008)

Andrew Capland — From Disney & Ad Agencies, to Hubspot and B2B SaaS: How to Leverage Voice Of Customer, Onboarding, Jobs To Be Done, Testing, and Mentoring Growth Teams (TMMF #008)

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“I was just drawn to the types of challenges that SaaS companies have. And then once I got in, it’s hard to get out, man.”

— Andrew Capland

In this episode of the Message-Market Fit podcast, we welcome Andrew Capland, coach for Heads of Growth at Delivering Value. Together, we dive into Andrew’s extensive experience within the B2B SaaS industry, having influenced growth strategies for leading companies such as HubSpot, Wistia, and Postscript. Our conversation explores his transition from traditional advertising, where Andrew kickstarted his career, to mastering the growth dynamics in the rapidly evolving SaaS landscape.

Throughout the episode, we learn what Andrew garnered from orchestrating massive digital advertising campaigns for giants like Disney, the necessary strategic mindset adjustments for B2B SaaS excellence, and the importance of deeply understanding customer needs through “jobs to be done.” We also discuss the critical role of mentorship in career progression, the indispensable value of user testing in both product development and marketing, and the complexities businesses face when trying to strike a balance between product-led growth and sales-driven strategies in today’s competitive market.

Please enjoy!

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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  • 01:51 From Big Brands to B2B SaaS: Andrew Kaplan’s Career Evolution
  • 13:04 Unlocking Customer Insights: The Power of Jobs to Be Done
  • 16:37 Navigating Growth Challenges: Strategies and Insights
  • 18:26 The Art of Connecting Research to Actionable Steps
  • 21:16 Leveraging Usability Testing for Informed Decision Making
  • 25:44 The Controversy of Website Tear Downs
  • 27:48 The Evolution of Expertise and Confidence
  • 29:20 Navigating Career Growth and Mastery
  • 31:27 The Art of Delivering Value in Consulting
  • 33:40 Finding and Formalizing Mentorship
  • 37:07 The Impact of Investment in Mentorship
  • 44:42 Choosing Solopreneurship Over Agency Building
  • 47:40 The Power of a Trophy File


  • “It just seemed really cool and collaborative and like I felt like I was in this beehive, or everybody was buzzing around doing something important.”
  • “Who knows if Mickey would be better than Minnie…they just ran this process to figure it out quickly. And I was like, man, that’s fucking genius.”
  • “The words that customers use are really important…how important it’s to parrot that back.”
  • “If you could see the patterns…you could use those patterns to market and activate and onboard and convert them differently.”
  • “How hard that is to figure out early stage…we were more reliant on really speaking with folks.”
  • “Especially for early stage companies that aren’t sure…it helps you identify the unknown unknowns, and those are the things that stop people.”
  • “External mentorship, if you can find someone who’s in your role at another company…I think the more beneficial it is.”
  • “The more accountability you have, typically the better the relationship is.”
  • “That’s why I like the term solopreneur because it shows I’m building something…I’ve seen a break from being somebody’s manager for a little while.”

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