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Melanie Crissey — Technical Product Marketing, Customer-Led Growth, Developer Empathy, and Scaling Without Losing Your Soul (TMMF #009)

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“the most powerful people at enterprise companies are still humans. They’re still people.”

— Melanie Crissey

Melanie Crissey is a technical product marketing manager at Warp, a company building a revolutionary new terminal application for developers.

In this episode, we explore Melanie’s unique career path, her passion for working with developers, and how she uses her technical background to bridge the gap between product and marketing. We also delve into her approach to customer-led growth, the challenges of scaling without losing a company’s soul, and her strategies for staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of developer tools.

Please enjoy!

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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  • 02:41 Melanie’s Journey from Support to Product Marketing
  • 05:20 The Role of a Technical Product Marketing Manager
  • 06:57 Developing Technical Skills and Empathy for Developers
  • 08:16 Introducing Warp: A Modern Terminal Application
  • 10:44 The Passion for Working with Developers
  • 12:02 Using Personal Insights for Effective Messaging
  • 14:27 Staying in Touch with the Developer Community
  • 16:02 Scaling Without Losing the Company’s Soul
  • 18:02 Advocating for the Customer Experience
  • 20:22 Melanie’s UX Design Skills and Their Impact
  • 22:56 Evolving Warp’s Website and Brand
  • 25:01 Exploring the Impact of Interactive Demos vs. Direct Product Experience
  • 25:59 The Power of Product Simplicity and User Onboarding
  • 26:29 Tailoring Marketing Strategies to Audience Sophistication
  • 28:04 Navigating the Customer Journey: From Awareness to Activation
  • 29:46 Leveraging User Feedback and Assumptions in Marketing
  • 32:21 The Challenges and Strategies of Messaging and Website Redesign
  • 41:14 Continuous Learning and Networking in Marketing
  • 47:00 Vision Boards and Personal Growth
  • 48:24 Wrapping Up and Where to Find More


  • “I am constantly trying to reconcile these parts of my brain. There is a lot of context switching… But I’m grateful that I found something that I can do where I get to touch on both of those things.”
  • “I think my niche is developer tools and I’ve been selling to developers for a long time, so I finally slapped that label on.”
  • “There’s certainly like a common ground that I can start on to say, okay, I know enough about what your life is like as a developer… that I can at least start to have the conversation with you.”
  • “I just have an enormous amount of respect for the people that do this work… Like I just, that, that lifestyle of kind of the ownership of a product and really… Engineers are the people who take the ideas from our minds and build them into tools that we can use every day.”
  • “I am basically constantly talking to developers… and listening… I’m constantly just listening, looking for the words that people are using and then trying to take those phrases and put them back on the marketing materials.”
  • “How do you scale without losing the soul of the company?… I think people get… really nervous about selling to CTOs or… senior VP engineering manager, and we start to lose touch with the fact that… the most powerful people at enterprise companies are still humans. They’re still people.”
  • “I think that’s really like where my advocacy shows up is in these little details. When we’re shipping new things, is it clear enough? Is it documented well? Are we using our customer’s words to describe it?”
  • “I think about our marketing site as a product that has its own user experience that needs to be managed.”
  • “There is no amount of marketing spin that I can put on the feature to make it valuable to a user. Like you have to start identifying a real pain point.”
  • “I think forcing the product team… to do that writing first helps make the product better. And then it’s very easy for me to come on and say, okay, you’re trying to call it this, that actually has explicit meaning. We should rename it or… this isn’t clear.”

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