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Home » Matt Aiello – The Blue-Collar SaaS Marketing Maestro on Hiring Customers, Thinking Like Your Personas, Breaking Linear Thinking, and Hacking Underserved Industries (TMMF #011)

Matt Aiello – The Blue-Collar SaaS Marketing Maestro on Hiring Customers, Thinking Like Your Personas, Breaking Linear Thinking, and Hacking Underserved Industries (TMMF #011)

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“If you don’t care about them on a deep level … they can smell that a mile away.”

— Matt Aiello

In this episode of the podcast, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Aiello, the VP of Marketing at ServiceCore, a SaaS company revolutionizing the portable sanitation and dumpster rental industries. With over 23 years of experience in marketing, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on how to effectively reach and engage with blue-collar customers.

Throughout the conversation, Matt shares his insights on the importance of deeply understanding your target audience, going beyond surface-level interactions to uncover their true needs, desires, and pain points. He emphasizes the power of empathy and authenticity in building lasting relationships with customers, particularly in industries where trust and personal connection are critical.

From crafting non-linear marketing campaigns that break through the noise to leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT for efficient content creation, Matt offers a glimpse into his innovative approach to marketing. He also touches on the significance of cross-functional alignment within an organization and the need to meet customers where they are in their technology adoption journey. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this episode is packed with valuable lessons and actionable takeaways that will help you build stronger connections with your audience and boost your marketing efforts.

Please enjoy!

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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  • 01:21 Deep Dive with Matt: Marketing in Blue-Collar Industries
  • 04:16 Matt’s Marketing Philosophy: From Curiosity to Strategy
  • 07:42 Service Corps: Revolutionizing Portable Sanitation with SaaS
  • 11:25 Building a Marketing Foundation at Service Corps
  • 13:50 Customer-Centric Marketing: Inside Out Approach
  • 19:29 Creative Strategies for Overcoming Software Skepticism
  • 22:08 Harnessing Facebook Groups for Industry Insights
  • 22:24 Exploring Non-Linear Marketing Strategies
  • 23:12 Leveraging Viral Moments for Brand Engagement
  • 24:32 The Power of Authenticity in Marketing
  • 28:25 Innovating with SEO and Messaging for Market Fit
  • 30:05 Utilizing AI for Content Creation and Strategy
  • 32:54 Adapting Messaging for Different Market Segments
  • 35:28 Ensuring Cross-Departmental Alignment in Strategy
  • 37:15 Achieving Message Market Fit: A Dynamic Process
  • 39:36 Personal Insights: Patience and Consistency in Growth
  • 42:15 Closing Thoughts and Where to Find Us


  • “If you ask 10 people, you would get 10 answers of who our target audience is who are the sweet spot folks? And the other thing was I realized that we had no value proposition.”
  • “you’re really listening to the words that they use the customers that is, or your target persona. And you’re trying to weave those, not just like things they say, but the stories that they tell you into how you’re going to set up like all your campaigns”
  • “I on purpose did not say software. I called it a tool because you think about, people that are blue collar using tools, they’re not using software and they don’t like software.”
  • “What I like to do is have an idea session where instead of it’s on purpose. We’ll have a timer. We have a a topic and if any, at any point people go linear with their idea, I’m usually the referee that comes in and I’ll the most bizarre, random, out there, shocking thing idea that just totally throws it in his head.”
  • “A lot of marketers try to put this one size fits many playbook. And it would have been very easy to say, Hey, if our messaging was working and it was attracting some dumpster folks how would, why wouldn’t we just Run the same playbook over there.”
  • “You have to meet them where they’re at. And that message market fit, in my opinion, is dynamic depending on how far along your personas are on the adoption curve.”
  • “You may have to pull out something different to talk to them because what they’re what they care about and live every day is very different than someone that’s just starting out and they have very different cares and needs and hairs on fire.”
  • [Our competitors] have value propositions that are so generic and ‘do business better’ … Okay, what the hell does that mean?”
  • “Chat GPT has been the godsend to our company.”

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