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Nizam Yusuf – The Product Marketing Jedi: Achieving Message-Market Fit with Empathy and AI (TMMF #012)

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“Always leave room for learning and always think, you’ve not achieved your, you’ve not got to the ceiling, because there’s always room to learn”

— Nizam Yusuf

In this episode, we dive into the world of product marketing with Nizam Yusuf, a seasoned expert with a passion for crafting compelling narratives and achieving message-market fit. With his extensive background in content marketing and his current role as a product marketer, Nizam offers a unique perspective on bridging the gap between product development and customer needs.

Throughout our conversation, Nizam emphasizes the importance of deep customer understanding and empathy. He shares his insights on conducting effective research, building buyer personas, and leveraging tools like the Value Proposition Canvas to align product offerings with customer desires.

Nizam also sheds light on his strategic approach to messaging, advocating for value-driven communication that resonates with the target audience. He discusses the role of AI in augmenting product marketing efforts, highlighting the importance of using tools like ChatGPT responsibly and ethically.

Whether you’re a product marketing professional, a content creator, or simply interested in understanding how to effectively communicate the value of your product, this episode is packed with actionable insights and practical advice.

Please enjoy!

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

Want to hear from another great product marketing manager? Check out our conversation with Kasia Foster, PMM at Capsule. Interestingly Nizam has been Kasia’s mentor so you’ll notice a lot of cool commonalities in their thought process and approach.

What was your favorite insight or lesson from this episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



  • 02:16 The Evolution of a Marketer: Nizam’s Career Path
  • 04:58 Adapting Titles for Audience Trust: A Marketer’s Strategy
  • 07:17 Content vs. Copy: Understanding the Distinction
  • 09:48 Bridging Product Marketing and Content Creation
  • 14:59 The Role of External Copywriters in Marketing Strategy
  • 18:51 Achieving Message Market Fit: A Comprehensive Guide
  • 24:18 Exploring Buyer and User Personas in Marketing
  • 25:17 The Art of Collecting Valuable Customer Insights
  • 27:24 Leveraging Internal Teams for Richer Customer Understanding
  • 28:30 Navigating Research Budgets and Strategies
  • 31:22 Embracing AI for Enhanced Product Marketing
  • 37:34 Continuous Learning and Improvement in Product Marketing
  • 41:57 The Power of Introversion in Product Marketing
  • 45:10 Connecting and Growing in Product Marketing


  • “I always found they were a lot more open because I was asking them, deep questions as to what is that pain point? And then when they start talking about that pain point, why? And I really get to the bottom of it.”
  • “I was really understanding the customer. I was trying to understand their pain points. I was talking to them. I was listening to what they’re saying. I was listening to how they felt frustration but also motivation.”
  • “You understand from their perspective what they’re trying to achieve and from your perspective as well And create that alignment because once you start speaking that same language with your content marketer, then it really resonates”
  • “Always try and align yourself to that KPI, because it will help you strategically. It will also ensure that you’re aligned to the wider goal.”
  • “When I interview a customer, I will make notes. When I see them feeling frustrated and I will make notes when I see them really joyous and motivated.”
  • “You want to delve and really understand how you’re resolving the issue so I always find that you know have a conversation rather than just Asking question taking notes asking question taking notes because it really helps build that rapport”
  • “You have an audience internally, your sales team, your customer success team, your product team, your solutions engineers. They are speaking to customers day in, day out. They understand certain pain points and they’ve they speak to them. They understand what they’re trying to achieve.”
  • “Research can be costly, especially when you want to get opinions of multiple people from a different set of audience. Why? What I’m trying to do is try and create a smaller segment of people that you want to speak to and then go out and get that information yourself first.”
  • “You should never rely on it to do your work. What you should rely on it is to augment and support you in delivering your objectives.”

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