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Andreea Cojocariu – The Data-Driven Storyteller: Balancing Creativity wit Analytics and Humanizing B2B Marketing (TMMF #013)

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“The ability to positively influence people’s lives… that’s what appeals to me.”

— Andreea Cojocariu

In this episode, we explore the world of data-driven marketing with Andreea Cojocariu, a creative and analytical powerhouse who believes in the transformative power of joy. As the marketing director at TestFit, a real estate visibility platform, Andreea shares her unique approach to balancing data and creativity to create compelling messaging that resonates with the target audience.

Throughout our conversation, Andreea emphasizes the importance of understanding the human element in marketing, even in the face of data-driven decision-making. She shares her strategies for fostering a transparent and communicative company culture, enabling cross-functional collaboration, and leveraging customer insights to inform messaging and content creation.

Andreea also goes into her data-driven approach to marketing, discussing how she uses analytics to identify opportunities, optimize campaigns, and measure success. She highlights the significance of testing and iteration in refining messaging and the role of AI in augmenting marketing efforts while maintaining the essential human touch.

Get ready to be inspired!

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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  • 04:10 Andrea’s Journey: From Small Business to Marketing Director
  • 08:17 Embracing Video Marketing and Content Repurposing
  • 10:34 The Role of AI in Content Creation and Team Dynamics
  • 16:35 Navigating Remote Work and Company Culture
  • 18:01 Data-Driven Decisions and Creative Insights
  • 22:13 Revamping Marketing Strategies with Joy
  • 23:03 Harnessing Data and Storytelling for Impact
  • 23:26 The Power of Internal Testing and Social Media Engagement
  • 26:56 Navigating Messaging for Diverse Audiences
  • 36:06 Personal Insights on Learning and Growth
  • 39:06 Finding Joy in Work and Life
  • 40:30 Connecting with Andrea and Wrapping Up


  • “Just because we’re data-driven or because we’re so focused on the numbers doesn’t mean we can’t be human.”
  • “Think about all the different messages that we encounter every day… those things do influence you. So I’m going to choose to influence you in a positive way.”
  • “AI to us has the ability to generate the base of that content, but there’s still that human element that refines it because it’s not gonna get it right.”
  • “We as humans have an idea of something in our head and we go search for it… keywords really aren’t just for search, they’re for everything.”
  • “We all know that any piece of content is meant for the masses. Like we’re selfish people… we want to feel like it’s meant just for us. So personalization matters and speaking in first person matters.”
  • “What people miss is that they focus on the decision maker when they develop their ICP. But there’s a buying committee that actually helps make those decisions. So you have to account for all of those folks.”
  • “When we write messaging, you’re not going to get it a hundred percent right all the time. And for me, it’s accepting that.”

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