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Home » Jonathan Davies – The B2B Storyteller: Exceeding Customer Expectations, Crafting Culture, & Mastering Product Messaging (TMMF #015)

Jonathan Davies – The B2B Storyteller: Exceeding Customer Expectations, Crafting Culture, & Mastering Product Messaging (TMMF #015)

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“It’s always important to remember that you’re speaking to a human at the end of the day, even if this person is the person who signs the check.”

— Jonathan Davies

In this episode, we explore the world of B2B product marketing with Jonathan Davies, the Product Marketing Lead at Happeo, an intranet platform designed to boost employee engagement and productivity. With over a decade of experience in B2B marketing, Jonathan shares his insights on understanding customers, crafting compelling messaging, and fostering a strong company culture.

Throughout our conversation, Jonathan emphasizes the importance of in-depth customer research, explaining how it enables marketers to develop messaging that resonates with their target audience. He discusses the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, highlighting the need for a thorough understanding of customer pain points, goals, and decision-making processes in the B2B space.

Jonathan also digs into the role of company culture in shaping customer interactions, sharing how Happeo redefined its core values to prioritize exceeding customer expectations. He offers practical advice on crafting concrete company values that guide decision-making and align with the organization’s goals.

Additionally, Jonathan shares his favorite testing methods, including preference tests and A/B tests, to optimize messaging and improve conversion rates. He also discusses the importance of balancing quantitative and qualitative data to gain a comprehensive understanding of customers.


Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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  • 02:40 Jonathan’s Journey: Lessons Learned and Career Evolution
  • 16:28 The Power of Company Culture in Customer Communication
  • 22:10 Repositioning Strategy: Navigating B2B Messaging
  • 26:04 Deep Dive into Target Market Segmentation
  • 26:45 Adjusting Strategy for Market Fit
  • 28:09 The Power of Research in Marketing
  • 31:46 Leveraging Internal Tools for External Success
  • 34:22 Balancing Quantitative and Qualitative Data
  • 38:23 Innovative Customer Uses of Happeo
  • 39:38 Authenticity in Digital Communication
  • 43:24 Personal Insights: Learning from Twins


  • “With B2B, it’s more about what are we doing? What’s the value? What’s the benefit? What’s in it for me? How can it help my career and how can it help my company? And there’s so many aspects to that you need to have such a thorough understanding of what somebody does in order to be able to communicate that accurately.”
  • “The post pandemic definition of culture is more around the way that we do work here than it is around how we interact with each other as people. And that makes it a little bit more tangible and that makes it a little bit easier to control once you use that definition.”
  • “The most important aspect of how we work with customers and exceeding customer expectations is a very, for me, is the most important specific value.”
  • “When you have really clear statements like that, really strong intent statements, you create a sense of direction without needing to ask somebody, what do I do? What’s the best thing that I should be doing? You become more autonomous in decision making and your decisions are made closer to what the company needs to move towards.”
  • “Universally you need to talk to your customers. And I don’t care which role you have. It’s the most important thing in the world because you need to understand what they’re going through.”
  • “Quantitative data will show me at first where a problem area would be or a specific thing that I need to adjust or where we are having great success. So it gives me some sort or form of initial direction, but I need to supplement that with qualitative data to really understand.”
  • “A B tests are nice for conversion. But for me, preference tests are way more preferred.”
  • “Look, we live in a world where information is available, basically free. You can genuinely get all of the information that you would get from a master’s course by going through YouTube videos. If you have curated content that’s, I honestly believe that’s a depth of information available on the internet.”
  • “If you want to start posting on LinkedIn and get your voice out there, you need to templates are there for a reason. They give you a good start, right?…I treat it as a starting point, but it’s never ever the final products. You should, if you don’t know how to begin, or you don’t have inspiration, or you’re just doing 15 things at the same time, fantastic. Use it…but it’s just the beginning. Make it your own.”

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