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Adam Goyette – The B2B SaaS Growth Strategist: Scaling Fast, Hiring Top Talent, & Crafting Compelling Messaging (TMMF #016)

“Understanding your buyer very intimately is a huge competitive advantage.”

— Adam Goyette

In this episode, we dive into the world of B2B SaaS growth marketing with Adam Goyette, the Founder of Growth Union, a company that helps B2B SaaS businesses scale fast and efficiently. With extensive experience leading growth marketing at high-growth SaaS companies like Help Scout and G2, Adam shares his insights on standing out in crowded markets, understanding buyers, and leveraging creativity in marketing.

Throughout our conversation, Adam emphasizes the importance of having a unique angle and differentiating your messaging in saturated markets. He discusses the crucial role of intimately understanding your buyer persona and how it can be a significant competitive advantage in crafting compelling campaigns.

Adam also explores the value of working with skilled conversion copywriters, who can elevate your marketing efforts and drive growth. He shares his thoughts on the impact of AI on marketing, stating that only bad marketing is at risk, and highlights the importance of asking questions and being curious as a marketer.

Additionally, Adam dives into the key areas companies should focus on before implementing growth tactics, including aligning on target personas, product positioning, and growth models. He also shares his hiring philosophy, emphasizing the importance of curiosity, creativity, and a strong grasp of metrics when building a marketing team.


Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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  • 02:15 The Art of Differentiation and Understanding Your Buyer
  • 04:07 The Power of Conversion Copywriting and Team Collaboration
  • 08:33 Leveraging AI in Marketing: Opportunities and Limitations
  • 13:50 Strategic Alignment: Positioning, Messaging, and Growth
  • 19:17 Collaboration and Conflict Resolution in Marketing
  • 20:59 The Pitfalls of Premature Scaling and the Importance of Foundations
  • 23:38 Decoding Marketing Attribution for Early Stage Companies
  • 24:31 The Pitfalls of Overengineering Marketing Attribution
  • 25:05 Embracing ‘Close Enough’ in Marketing Strategies
  • 27:58 Navigating the Challenges of Marketing Research and Buy-In
  • 30:21 The Power of Creativity Over Pure Data in Marketing
  • 32:49 Hiring for Marketing Success: Data vs. Creativity
  • 33:47 Unlocking Growth with Effective Hiring Strategies
  • 38:38 Choosing the Right Agency or Freelancer for Your Marketing Needs
  • 40:35 Innovating Growth Strategies with Growth Union
  • 44:31 Overcoming Operational Challenges in Agency Scaling
  • 46:20 Final Thoughts on Communication and Growth


  • “Spaces are very crowded, right? Especially at help scout that we had, we’re help desk software There’s 300 ish companies all competing in that same category and so it’s not just a matter of Can you get the right value problem, the right messaging because everyone for the most part can do that.”
  • “Having a good conversion copywriter is such a cheat code when it comes to growth.”
  • “Only bad marketing is at risk with AI.”
  • “A great copywriter in my experience working with them, they ask so many questions, right? Like they are, they’re learners first. They don’t come in with a presumptive here’s what we’re doing.”
  • “I think the worst thing is if you think you know the buyer so well because I think a lot of times marketing speak comes out and it’s like buzzwords, acronyms, all this sort of stuff.”
  • “Before you ever get to growth tactics, a lot of times you have to spend I think the three big areas I have companies focusing on when I work with them is do we all agree who the persona is we’re even going after?”
  • “I think the other big lesson probably from my time at G2 is understanding your buyer very intimately is like a huge competitive advantage.”
  • “I don’t think you can have AI do your copy and do a compelling because to me, again, I think one of the biggest things is you have to really have a unique angle and be able to stand out in what you’re doing.”
  • “I’m not a big believer of spending tons of time over engineering what you’re trying to report on.”
  • “I think creativity matters more and more than it ever has.”
  • “I would hire it based off of where I see the biggest gap on my team.”
  • “I find the best marketers know kind of their metrics inside and out.”
  • “I love asking questions of the touch on the creativity standpoint is okay, if you had no restrictions and you could run any campaign you wanted, or your CEO doubled your goal and, but they gave you a million dollars to go hit it. What are the things you would do?”
  • “I think people who are, seem like they’re hardworking and ask a lot of questions. I think that’s the biggest thing is are they curious about how it works?”
  • “I think a lot of times it’s just not aligned. They don’t have the expertise. They’ve never actually had to try to do it for a company and they’re managing lots of different things.”
  • “I need to launch messaging that stands out if I’m launching with the same, like we can help you grow everyone says that right as an agency. So how is that unique?”
  • “Word of mouth referral is like the number one thing for us as an agency. It’s how we get all of our business.”
  • “It’s like the operational piece and then I think the other component of that is making sure every client we have is super happy and super engaged with us.”
  • “Most people are willing to help if you ask and you’re specific with the ask.”

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