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Yuval Keshtcher – The UX Writing Mentor: Building a Community, Balancing Sales and UX, and Embracing AI (TMMF #020)

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“We want people to pay us only if they feel comfortable to pay us. That’s how we do business.”

— Yuval Keshtcher

In this episode, we dive into the world of UX writing with Yuval Keshtcher, founder and CEO of UX Writing Hub. With a diverse background spanning graphic design, sales, and UX, Yuval shares his unique journey and insights into the rapidly evolving field of UX writing and content design.

We explore Yuval’s transition from graphic design to UX writing, discussing how his sales background informs his approach to UX and the importance of delivering value before making a sale. Yuval shares his perspectives on the critical role of UX writing in reducing churn, increasing retention, and ultimately driving revenue for businesses.

As the founder of UX Writing Hub, Yuval discusses the challenges of creating consistent copy across different touchpoints and the innovative ways his team is leveraging AI to maintain brand voice across large organizations. We also delve into the future of UX writing, exploring how AI and emerging technologies are shaping the field.

Whether you’re a UX writer, content designer, or simply interested in the intersection of design and communication, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable advice to help you elevate your UX writing game.


Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform. Watch the interview on YouTube here.

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  • 01:50 Yuval’s Journey: From Graphic Design to UX Writing
  • 06:46 Lessons from Sales Applied to UX Writing
  • 14:52 UX Writing Hub: Solving Problems Through Training and Agency Work
  • 20:16 Linking UX Writing to Revenue and Conversions
  • 28:58 Balancing Persuasion and Usability in UX Writing
  • 31:57 Creating Consistent Copy Across Touchpoints
  • 34:59 Leveraging AI for UX Writing Style Guides
  • 41:59 The Future of UX Writing with AI and Emerging Technologies


  • “I think that every person should know how to do sales because at the end of the day we’re doing businesses.”
  • “It’s all about delivering a value first consistently for a while, building trust and making a sale when appropriate.”
  • “Good UX writing is good for retention. That’s one. And now bad UX writing… when you have bad UX writing, you have churn, people are leaving and stop paying for your product and services.”
  • “You want people to feel comfortable and confident using your products and services, and you want to build trust.”
  • “When you work on the product areas, you make it as usable as possible. You don’t think about money at all. You think about how can I make sure that they will use it in the most, in the best possible way.”
  • “In order to create a consistent copy, we need to use, first of all, design principles. What is the user journey, how we can communicate our product in the whole user journey from getting that lead to onboarding them to make the music product.”
  • “I think that AI right now is a 3 or 4 out of 10 experience. I think we could get into 7 to 8 out of 10 experience soon. Especially as a UX person, I always explore that. Like how can I create better experience with AI?”
  • “Our work as UX folks is to understand if it’s actually creating better UX or if it’s not, regardless of the technology.”
  • “There’s a lot of overlap between these two fields. Like a good UX that knows how to make conversions is a good person. And the conversion person that know how to do UX. That’s also, it’s a great skills to have in my opinion.”

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