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Step inside your visitors' shoes and learn WHY your site is not converting

The curse of knowledge is real. 

As a founder or marketer it can be hard to step out of your own thought process and get into your customers’ heads.

Let’s run a quick test with real users, to find out why your website is not converting and how you can fix it. 

Without any of the guesswork or months of set up and data collection. 

How? Read on…

Hi I’m Chris! I’m The Conversion Alchemist, and since 2016 I’ve been helping SaaS and Ecommerce businesses turn more prospects into loyal customers. 

Along the way I realized how hard it can be for business owners to see their product or website with the fresh perspective they need to learn and grow. 

Luckily I stumbled on the solution…

After working as a UX lead at a CRO and design agency for 2 years, running hundreds of usability studies, something clicked: usability testing could be a super fast, cost-effective way to understand what’s wrong on a website and how people use it.

Think of the User Journey Test as being able to stalk your potential customers as they navigate your website… and at the same time being able to read their minds!

When we run it on your site you can:

  • Get real user feedback (visual and spoken) on what they think about it
  • See what real users do on your site and how they go about their journey
  • Spot any friction points, obstacles, and technical glitches
  • Ask questions about users’ thought process and decision making
  • Learn how your messaging and branding are performing
  • Understand how your design is perceived
  • Find out if there’s any missing information 
  • And much, much more…

Don't take my word for it

How it works

Just purchase your User Journey Test and I’ll send you a quick questionnaire for you to fill out, so I have all the context I need to set it up and launch it.

User Journey Test

We run a usability test on your site or page to solve a specific problem or clarify a doubt. I watch the recorded videos for you and write a report of findings and insights. Then we jump on a 30 min call to review.You know exactly what to test and/or improve.

(Turnaround time: 10 working days max)


I’ll ask you a couple of questions to get started right after payment.

Some of the 7 and 8 figure businesses I helped


The User Journey Test is for any SaaS or ecommerce business who know their conversions should be higher, but have no clear idea about or visibility into what’s holding them back. 

It’s especially great if you are looking for a low cost, super fast way to collect real world data to avoid guessing and iterate on what you find.

Don’t let analysis paralysis keep you stuck. 

I’ve been a conversion copywriter for over 6 years and a UX designer for 2 at an agency. The 7 and 8 figure SaaS and Ecommerce businesses I’ve been helping, completely transformed their messaging and positioning based on the insights we gathered through research and hard data. I know exactly what to do to fix most of your copy and conversion issues and I can share it with you so you don’t have to stumble in the dark.

You get a complete usability test report with findings and action steps, including access to the user video recordings. So you can suffer in silence looking at how obvious some of the stuff you can fix but wasn’t aware of is. 😜

We also jump on a 30 minute review call so you can ask any questions after the test is complete.

You’ll be redirected to a quick form to fill out so I can get more context on what you need me to look at. Once you’ve submitted the information, I’ll get to work and deliver your Test in the next 10 working days max via email. 

There are several usability testing platforms out there but my top recommendations and the once I always use with clients are

  • Conversion Crimes
  • Userfeel
  • Usability Hub
  • UXTweak


I always pick the one to use based on your audience and type of business, as I tested all of them and I know what works best for each case.

You don’t even have to waste time comparing and trying them out.

First, setting up and running a usability test is not easy. Just google and you’ll find plenty of articles walking you through how to ask the right questions without leading testers and how to map out the user journey in a way that mirrors yours. 

Second, even if you know how to do all of that, these platforms give you the data, but they don’t help you understand it and extract the actionable insights. That’s where an expert look helps you get better results, faster.

Still have questions?