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Audit any website in minutes instead of hours

UX Teardown - Easily provide and store UX, copy or design feedback | Product Hunt


But manually taking screenshots, adding them to a Google doc and writing your notes, is taking ages and burying all your profit.

With UX Teardown you can easily grab screenshots of any website, add your notes and prioritize your findings – in one go.

This is still an MVP so feedback is super important. That’s why I ask for your email. I won’t use it for anything else.

Provide more value, sell more copy / UX audits

Productized services like CRO or copy audits and website teardowns, can get your clients a ton of extra $$$, without much work on your part. That is, if you don’t have to waste hours preparing them. 

Go from screenshots to final report in minutes.

Watch how you can cut 95% of the time it takes you to deliver a website audit.

How it works


Highlight your page

Open UXT in Google Chrome Grab a screenshot or take a simple text note.


Add a note and score it

Add a title, your insight and score your note by priority and effort. 


Export, adjust and share

Easily and quickly export your prioritized notes in a Google Doc you can edit. 

You’ll also get a quick video showing you how to get started.

UX Teardown - Easily provide and store UX, copy or design feedback | Product Hunt

Recommendations with section screenshots

A piece of copy or visual element could be improved? Select that specific area of the page as a screenshot. Then add your title, insight and scores. 

Simple text notes

Sometimes you might just want to add a general note or insight you’ve gotten out of your analysis. Pressing cmd+S will open up a text only note that you can add to your report and prioritize. 

Full screenshot notes

In some cases it’s great to be able to take a full screenshot of the tab you’re viewing. With cmd+F you can grab a snap of everything that’s visible in your browser at that moment.

This is great also when you have to take a screenshot of an element that appears on hover, like a drop down navigation menu!

Impact, Effort and Total score

Your client will get insane value out of your recommendations. But unless you don’t recommend a precise course of action, they’ll just feel overwhelmed with no idea where to start. 

For every note you create with UXT, you’re able to score the finding by Impact and Effort (and automatically get the Total score). So whoever reads your report, will have a clear idea of what needs to get done, and when. 

Collapsible sidebar​

Browse any site with a full, unobstructed view and add your notes as you go with the keyboard shortcuts. Just open the sidebar again when you need to edit or export. 

Sort, edit and clear notes

Review your notes from the sidebar, edit them if needed, sort them either by score or recency and delete them individually or all together.

Make sure everything’s looking good before your export. 

Heuristic models checklist

Access the heuristic model checklist from your sidebar. Make sure you’re following your UX, copywriting or CRO guidelines while taking a look at your client’s website. 

Mark each step as done to keep track of your progress. 

(We’ll be adding more checklists and models you can select from!)

Pre-formatted Google doc export

When you’re done collecting all your notes, simply click on the Google doc icon in the sidebar, to copy them and paste your report in an empty Google doc page. 

You get all your notes and screenshots, already prioritized (either by recency or Total score) in a clean, professional document. Your report is ready to be edited, reformatted if needed, and shared. 

Create your copywriting, UX or CRO audits in minutes

Already prioritized and ready to share.

You’ll also get a quick video showing you how to get started.


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Let's go!

Check out this 3-minute video to learn how to use the UXT Chrome extension.