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Let's look at your website to find out what works and what doesn't
(and how to fix it)

Your conversions are low and/or bounce rate is sky-high, but you’re not sure where to start patching the holes?

Get a 20-minute video walkthrough from a pro copywriter and UX designer telling you exactly what you can do to fix it and how. 

In the next week, not in months. 

Hi I’m Chris! I’m The Conversion Alchemist, and since 2016 I’ve been helping SaaS and Ecommerce businesses turn more prospects into loyal customers. 

Along the way I realized not all businesses might get excited at the idea of jumping on a redesign project.

So I developed my own methodology for looking at any website and understanding what works and what might not – in just a couple of minutes. It’s based on years of CRO studies and fundamentals, on other methods I see work really well, and on my own experience with clients. 

I call it…

By going through each stage of the process we can quickly step into your website visitors’ shoes and get a sense for how they go through it.

Think of your Copy & UX audit as being able to see your website like only a copywriter or UX pro can, without the years of work.

So you can:

  • Come up with hypotheses on where visitors might get stuck or confused
  • Get ideas for testing anything on your site and not merely guessing
  • Clarify your doubts on whether or not certain pieces of copy could be improved
  • Get a research-backed assessment of your user flow and journey
  • Understand how to optimize your offer and its perceived value
  • Learn how to improve your social proof or address any potential friction points
  • Get actionable and clear recommendations on copy and design changes
  • And much, much more…

A few examples of the video audit you'll get:

Don't take my word for it

How it works

Just purchase your Copy & UX Audit and I’ll send you a quick questionnaire for you to fill out, so I have all the context I need to analyze your site.

Copy & UX Audit

I run a heuristic evaluation of your site's copy and design, to give you an idea of what areas you can improve on to convert more visitors into customers. You get a 20-minute in depth walkthrough video and takeaway notes.

(Turnaround time: 3 working days max)


I’ll ask you a couple of questions to get started right after payment.

Some of the 7 and 8 figure businesses I helped


The Copy & UX Audit is for any business and business owner who don’t want or can’t afford to embark on a complex website redesign project. It’s your fast pass to get clearer on what might be preventing you from converting more visitors into customers, trials or demos. 

It can also be a great way to patch a couple of holes in your funnel or user journey before considering a copywriting or redesign project. 

I’ve been a conversion copywriter for over 6 years and a UX designer for 2 at an agency. The 7 and 8 figure SaaS and Ecommerce businesses I’ve been helping, completely transformed their messaging and positioning based on the insights we gathered through research and hard data. I know exactly what to do to fix most of your copy and conversion issues and I can share it with you so you don’t have to stumble in the dark.

You get your 20-minute personalized video walkthrough where I follow my Alchemical Transformation Process™️ to spot areas for improvement in your copy and user experience. Plus you come away with a clear and concise list of the key takeaways and action items. 

So you can fire it to your writers or designers to implement or you can DIY it.

You’ll be redirected to a quick form to fill out so I can get more context on what you need me to look at. Once you’ve submitted the information, I’ll get to work and deliver your Audit in the next 3 working days max via email. 

Still have questions?